Fresh out of the oven: ONLINE SURVEY!

A survey on Healthy Energy Snacks! We find it important to always create products of the highest quality, always responding to the need of our customers! So here’s a first chance to give us your honest take on energy snacks and your desires & needs regarding certain fields. The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete. […]

Special Christmas Gifts from Homemade Goodness!

DO YOU WANT TO BE ORIGINAL THESE CHRISTMAS? Homemade Goodness has designed a series of healthy-baked goods for your special Christmas gifts! Find a gift for your holiday visits with budgets ranging from 5 to 20 euros. You can pick amongst: The ROYAL DATES boxes – stuffed with our homemade almond & peanut butters, or […]

That wonderful monthly farmer’s market at Akourdaleia!

It is time for the much-visited farmer’s market in Akourdaleia, so pack your pic-nic bag and join us for a splendid day in beautiful Paphos! On Sunday November 6th, 2016, at Pano Akourdaleia Herb Garden from 10.00-14.00. There you will find all sorts of handcrafts, natural products and fresh produce at the monthly market and you […]

Something new is cooking…

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